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Your device does not support webVR mode. Ok
Depending on the size of your phone, it's better to see Fullscreen. Ok
To use the gyroscope, enable 'rotation' and 'Motion & Orientation' Access in the settings:
Settings/Safari/Motion & Orientation Access Ok
The gyroscope cannot be activated for photos taken by phone camera. Ok
Please use Safari browser. Ok
To use this feature, you need VR headset. Ok
There is no location for this property. Ok
Given that you are using a Samsung browser, it is better to view the images in full screen mode. Ok
Hold the phone horizontally. Ok
Error entering VR headset. try again. Ok
Your device does not have a gyroscope. Ok
No internet connection. Please try later. Ok
Poor internet connection, please wait. Ok
Open the link page in the new tab. Ok

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